Creating Your Space

For my readers who are creative, who write, read, or just need a space in your home that’s often less traveled, this post is a quick how-to in finding that place of comfort and separation that is often needed.

I had the idea of this post, spur the moment, after waking up this Saturday morning and listening to my body and needing to take it slow today.  This past week was long, at times frustrating, had late nights, and overall a whirlwind and blur of days that seemed to run together.  Very little did I have time to myself in the evening to relax and wind down without having to prepare for the next day or because of trying to go to bed “early” in order to get a decent amount of sleep to be functional the following day.  For me, though, I know this doesn’t usually bode well with me.  I know my body and mind needs plenty of rest each night and I would prefer to have quiet time in the evening away from technology, reading and sitting in silence, clearing my mind and filling it up with Christ + Truth.  But with all transparency and honesty, this is often difficult.  Very little do I get around to actually reading that book on my bedside table, to reading my devotional or journaling, during the week.  My attempt at consistency is not always consistent. More times than I’d like to admit, do I not sit down and finish writing that blog post that’s half complete. 

All of this is a part of growing, friends.  This is all part of taking one day at a time and recognizing where you’re at right now, what’s good for your health ~spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally~ , what you’re able to do and where you can tweak things and change. 

So hopefully I can help you out a little if you can relate to this so far.

As I said earlier, I woke up this morning and instantly realized I need to  

s l  o   w   

down today. 

My heart felt exhausted from this week and needed time to breathe in and out; time to be filled with what’s good, time with God, time for gratitude, time to enjoy this moment & where I’m at now.  In order to help me accomplish all those things, I needed space – even space away from my own home, while still being in it.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love every room and corner of my home. However, it’s a busy place even with just me living here. Which is great! Your home should be filled with busy times, serving, hosting, living! That’s why we have it of course. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t transform even the busiest corner into a quiet space.  For example, my old apartment was one bedroom, small living space, but I made it work.  My bedroom was that space when I needed to “get away”.  How did I create that space? I filled it with things I love, I simplified, and brought in what helped me to relax and unwind.  I would light candles, turn on my white Christmas lights that I hung around the entire room to create soft light, even sometimes making my bed before getting in.  (And no, that’s not crazy!)  It helped put both my room and my mind in order and at ease. I left behind the day I had outside my home, and would refocus internally, in my home, on my self being. In order to be focused, making my bed and straightening up helps me achieve that.  It’s easier to breathe and relax when life is less cluttered around you.  Straightening up your bed or the room you will be in, I have found is a great way to clear your mind since it is something you can tangibly manage and control when life seems to be messy and uncontrollable.

In my new home, my living room is constantly lived in. Whether it’s eating dinner, watching TV, taking a quick nap, or lately on Fridays it’s working from home at my dining room table.  So now I’ve brought work inside my home and cluttered that space.  My master bedroom is still my place of solitude, however this week it didn’t feel like that.  I have recreated my old bedroom, but now even better in my new home; I still have the white lights, but now with an arching floor lamp over my bed that creates another avenue for a soft, yet warm and inviting light.  A salt lamp sits on my bedside table for a glow, and I still make my bed before crawling in.  I ensure that I am comfortable in my own way.  This week though I had an ironing board in my bedroom all week, clothes scattered and it just felt messy.  Thankfully I have a spare bedroom now that is currently, rarely used.  And there is the beauty of this space.  This bedroom is my getaway from my other well loved, but busy rooms, while still being home. Since this home is still new to me, I don’t have the guest bedroom set up yet how I hope it to be, so I create the space on a whim.

Here’s how: create a nook on the floor! Think about what you have around your home (maybe in other rooms, in the closets) that is comfortable and can be utilized to create a nook ~ even if it’s temporary.  I had the perfect pillows available to use – a cylinder shaped pillow to put down first for my lower back and then a square pillow to stack on top that perfectly fits my upper back. Next, bring in a tray or hard surface to put your favorite drink on to have close by (and anything else you may need).  For me, this morning it was a cup of coffee.   Then, depending on what you are going to use the space for, bring in whatever else you need to get creative, relax, and focus! I had another strand of white Christmas lights that I strung around the bookshelves in the room, turned some music on low, opened the window to get fresh (cool) air and natural light, and a diffuser to infuse the room with the smell of fall.  Voila! You are ready my friend! And I can comfortably and casually read, write, journal, and create.  And to simply be, slowing down, releasing my mind from things that bothered me this week and being thankful for the here and now.

Let’s recap on how to clean up a space when you need some time of solitude – this is a good habit to get into and something to create now as I have found this space to be special; whether it’s permanent or temporary.  When you get in the habit of searching for and surrounding yourself with these things, it’s something that you can look forward to and that you have available whenever you need it.  It’s YOUR space.  A place for the introverts to regain energy after it’s spent, a place to be creative, to grieve, to worship, to sit in the presence of God, to be thankful, a place to quiet your mind, and a place to grow. 

  • You don’t need to fill it with a lot ~ for me, simple and minimal is better
  • Use room dividers if you have any around to create separation
  • Fill it with memories, with love, pictures
  • Use the floor; gather pillows, blankets ~ it’s something different, rather than the typical desk, table, couch.  It’s possible to make it comfortable 😉
  • Turn off and set aside as much technology as you can and minimize what you use
  • Organize the current room a little if you need to ~ make your bed haha
  • Light a candle, use a diffuser + essential oils ~ make it smell good and this helps uplift your mood

These are just a few things I have found to help and can share with you! Send & share any tips or something you have loved and found to be helpful!

Of course, sometimes clearing your mind means taking an evening run, exercising early, getting fresh air, gardening ~ all good things friend! Whatever works for you, find it, practice consistency, and enjoy to its fullest.  Take advantage of those moments to see and know what’s important in this life.

With Love,