This is Me. II

..Enter Jennie..

  1. I am a Christian.  That term is used vaguely these days, but it’s the most important thing about me.  It’s not a religion, but a relationship.  A relationship with the one True God, Savior, Creator, and King.  My life is lived to serve Him, to glorify Him, and to love Him.  I am nothing without Him.  Through His saving grace, I am new, set apart. I am free.
  2. I’m the first in my family to graduate with a Master’s Degree
  3. I have (and always will have) a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal on my bed. He has special meaning to me and will be on every bed I own, forever.
  4. It’s taken me about 26 years to finally, truly start loving my natural curly hair.
  5. I love puzzles.
  6. I will always have [white] Christmas lights somewhere in my home. It’s a must.
  7. Tiramisu is my favorite dessert (wink wink)
  8. I’m the first in my family to get a tattoo (& I LOVE it)
  9. I was named after my great grandmother.  Our names are Jennie. Not Jenny, not Jennifer. It’s Jennie!  But you can call me Jen for short, I am okay with that.
  10. When I was a baby, my family would call me Sugarbowl, because my ears don’t lay flat against my head and stick out (like a sugarbowl).
  11. I have an old soul.
  12. I am allergic to cherries. But I carry an epi pen around for these weird, unexplainable allergic reactions I experience. I never know when they will occur, they just flare up and it’s difficult to explain why.
  13. I’ve never had the chicken pox.
  14. I work in Accounting and my college degree is in Accounting.  I stumbled across Accounting as my major though and it just happened to fall into my hands.  When graduating high school, I was uncertain of what I wanted to major in,  in college. I knew I loved math and science, and was disinterested in history, english, and political science. I didn’t want to be a teacher and couldn’t make a career out of science. So after a friend of the family suggested Accounting, I just said “sure”, not knowing exactly what I was getting into.  My very first intro Accounting course in college, the professor was one who purposely taught the course in a way to “weed” out those who couldn’t handle Accounting.  I passed, survived, and fell in love with Accounting… and the rest is history.


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