This is Me.

My first post! My first blog! I am honestly so excited to get this started.  

As I mentioned on my Welcome page, I want to use this space to be open with my readers.  I will be vulnerable, to a certain extent, by allowing you into my life and sharing experiences and personal thoughts, but staying confident in who I am.  I hope you learn something new about me that you may not know already…  And through this space, I hope I can encourage YOU; I hope to make you laugh, feel loved, feel confident, and maybe even refreshed and motivated to try something new and open your eyes!

I have never been one to write, or to journal, unless forced to.  I’m not an amazing writer, but I’d like to say I’m not terrible either.  In school, English class wasn’t my favorite subject, but I was disciplined and worked hard at it.  My written reports turned out better than I expected and that discipline paid off.  I’ve always been a quiet person, an introvert, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have things to say, to communicate to others; however, [back to English class] after reading a book, or having to write a paper on a certain topic, I would be slow at starting the paper and getting my thoughts and words out in a correct, presentable way.  I would go through several drafts and what felt like several wasted hours, but in the end, everything would come through.  Growing up, I tried to keep a journal, via paper and pen. I’d buy the cutest notebooks, would write for a few days, but it would end up falling to the side and could never keep up with it.

SO, with ALL that being said, I have a lot to SAY!

I want to let you into my life a little bit at a time by utilizing this blog site as a way to “journal” and to be carefree! One thing I have learned, is that sometimes it’s good to write/type out your thoughts, whether I have an audience or if it’s for my own sake.  It leads to other thoughts, concerns, ideas, emotions ~ a continuous life story!! Keeping this blog is something I want to do to grow personally, to simply get things out that I want to share to others, and I feel could be used to enrich, encourage, help, and lift others up!

Blogging is very new to me, being vulnerable and open to others is new to me, so please bear with me … I hope my posts don’t repeat themselves, but if they do so what!? Some will be serious, some will be funny, some may seem pointless, some will be simple, and some may stir up emotions within you and within me.

this is methis is my life storyday by day.

Sharing is Caring

Thanks for Being Here with Me!!

Inhale Confidence ~ Exhale Doubt

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