A short sweet venting moment for your Wednesday night….

Millennials are said to be those “reaching young adulthood in the 21st century”. The years aren’t exact but researchers have defined Millennials as those born between the early 1980s and ending in mid 1990s. Well being born in 1988, I inadvertently get stuck in this generation and called a “Millennial”.  **Eye-Roll** I hate being called a Millennial. I’d rather you just not use that term with me or you can call me a child of the Baby Boomers.  I don’t like being grouped in with Millennials.  They get a bad rep, justifiably so (majority of the time), and I don’t want to be associated with that…

squirrel: I’m not angry or seriously mad about this, it’s just my opinion on the matter 

…recent Millennials have grown up with increased technology and social media.  They feel entitled, lack proper respect sometimes, are bold (sometimes not in the best way), and think they know more than they actually do.  I’m not saying I’m perfect – because I’m far from it – but I do not act like all the above and was certainly raised by my parents in a way where I show and give respect, I have manners, they didn’t rely on technology to keep me entertained and I’m not spoiled and a grown-up brat…

squirrel: If you fall amidst this generation, please don’t think I assume you act like an entitled adult either. I know I’m not the only one who hates being called a “Millennial” because we’re really not and don’t deserve that title. We just happened to be grouped in with the rest of the rotten eggs and it sucks!

…Kids these days don’t go outside and play as much anymore, they’re not parented by their PARENTS like they need to be and should be, they’re allowed to do whatever, and aren’t disciplined.  They needed to be spanked more often! I’m not a parent, but parents should not be afraid to NOT be friends with their children all the time. Be the adult! Tell your kid the way it is! Offspring of Millennials – scary thought.

I climbed trees with my brothers, I threw acorns at my brothers outside from all the oak trees, I (shamefully now that I think about it) shot arrows at lizards and sometimes accidentally broke their tails off (thankfully they grow back), I got on bikes, made sidewalk chalk hopscotch, blew bubbles outside, played with barbies, pretended to be a teacher with my dolls, built tents with blankets inside, had a rubber band gun that I used to line up toys on chairs and then shoot them off. What happened to all that? Bring it back! Children need imaginations, need fun outside of iPads, TV’s, video games.

I have an old soul and proud of it. I thank my parents for raising me the way they did and hope to do the same one day.

2014-07-06 08.03.47


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