Peas and Carrots

Let’s press PAUSE on my normal posts so that I can welcome you once again to my blog! After beginning it in 2018, a collection of events, people & experiences this year has inspired and encouraged me to be more active on my blog, on social media, to speak up more, share opinions, thoughts, and to be more open to other people and what they have to say!

Last year when I first created my blog, it was a fun idea at the time and one which I had every intention of maintaining. However, after a few short months in, it wasn’t as much of a priority anymore. It felt distant and the every day routine and life just kept going and I wasn’t as driven to write and share. Looking back, it’s amazing how much you can change and how the events that occur within a year (or even less than a year) can really shape a person! In the moment, it may not seem like a lot is happening, like you feel stuck and not going anywhere, that nothing is changing and time is moving slowly; the years ahead of us seem so far away, yet our life so short.

~ I want to create a separate post about this ^^ about what I’ve learned, what I’ve grown through, my view on time, but we’ll save that for later ~

This year though! Let me tell ya…

This year, already, is a year I will never forget. And I can say that with complete confidence and without a shadow of a doubt. Just like any year is full of highs, it also has plenty of low moments, tears, emotions, yet joy & growth. This year is special for me. It has been extremely impactful up to this point, and it’s only barely June!

With everything that has been going on around me and to me, I have felt rejuvenated and re-inspired to bring Peas & Carrots back to life! I’m excited about this blog now. …Like, REALLY REALLY excited… The purpose behind its creation is still the same, but a new fire has been lit under my a$$ again to not stop and not give up on this blog!

~ Probably, most likely, a separate post on this too ^^ Stay tuned… ~

Now let me share with you (1) the intent behind my blog, (2) the content of my blog, (3) the process of blogging [for me], and finally (4) the origin of it’s name 🙂

(1) My intent is twofold. First and foremost, I want to be completely myself throughout this blog. I want to be vulnerable and honest, with full clarity about my life, my growth, hopes, & experiences. There are moments and details in a person’s life that should be kept private or shared at the right time, not rushed, so with caution and clear, thorough decision-making, I’ll choose what is posted obviously; not every detail of my life will be posted out in the blogosphere. While I might filter the topics or situations that I’m going through when deciding what to write on, the actual content of each post will be unfiltered. It will be from my heart, it will be my honest opinion, it will be raw and it will be me – my life, my story. My intent in sharing and opening myself up is to show and give love, to maybe give hope to someone after reading one of my posts; it’s to encourage the reader. I want to gain followers, gain readers, and I want to make you think! I want to be there for other people, when maybe they feel like they’re alone or no one understands or is listening. I want this blog, no matter what I write about, to be a testimony of my love for Christ. BOTTOM LINE. Just like at the core of everything I do, I want to share Christ’s love with my readers, in whatever form that takes. Second, the intent of my blog is just simply to have F U N !! Not only do I enjoy this, but I want to have fun through it, I want to laugh, I want to smile, I want to make my readers smile and remind both the writer and the reader to not take things so seriously all the time, which leads me to my next point…. Content!

(2) The content on my blog will be a mix of topics. I am a faith-based blogger ~~ That’s how I am categorizing myself. My blog posts won’t all be about the same topic, meaning it’s not specifically a food blog, it’s not a fashion blog nor is it a health blog, etc; it’s more of a “whatever-is-going-on-in-life-right-now” blog. Should I call it a lifestyle blog? I don’t know… I’m just going to call it a Life Blog 🙂 And being a faith-based blogger, I’ll bring God into most of my posts because, let’s face it, He IS in everything, every situation as He is the ruler and creator of this world. My blog will have posts such as my “Millennials” post where I may be frustrated about something and want to write about it. It might have posts about health, fashion, family, friends or travels. It will have posts about my faith, Christianity, my relationship with God. I might read an article on the web, in social media, something someone says/mentions, or a book and I then feel moved to write about it – my opinion, my take on it, my views. I may be feeling a certain way and want to be open with you in that moment. Some of my posts may not be easy for me to write, but I feel it’s important to share and that there is purpose behind it that can be found by the reader. We’ll see where this takes me! But, again, I’m excited to get this started and I am hoping you are too! I hope you stay with me and follow me. I know not everyone will agree with all of my posts or what I’m saying. My views may differ from those of some readers, but that’s life and that’s part of being open and sharing with others. I have learned and desire so much to have an open mind to those around me, to listen and hear what other people have to say and what they are thinking without getting angry or being defensive and shut down. Have open conversations with other people. Get to know someone new. Or even get to know the person you may think you already know but you really don’t; maybe you have never sat with them and truly, actively listened to them and vice versa. There is growth in that. Expand, think more for yourself, don’t be close-minded, and as I’ve said before, enjoy life, find joy and don’t take everything so seriously. Learn from every opportunity, every moment, every conversation.

(3) While I do find enjoyment in blogging, writing does take me a while. I may not post something every day or every other day. But that doesn’t mean I’m drafting a post and working on it every day. Unless my post is just a picture or a quote, most of them take me a while to write. I’m not a slow writer, I’m just passionate and have a lot to say and I take my time making sure everything I have to/want to/need to say comes out clearly and organized in a manner where I’m understood, my point comes across as I meant it, and the reader can follow along and take something away after reading each post. My thoughts and the time it takes to write down the correct words and vision I’m going for shouldn’t be rushed. And I’m not going to rush it. Plus, it keeps you on your toes 😉 You’ll never know when I might share a new post.

(4) “P E A S & C A R R O T S” …. why this name? When it came to creating my blog and considering it’s purpose and what I would be writing about, the title of the overall blog is important to give the visitor a good idea of what they’re about to see and it’s an indicator of the writer. I remember it didn’t take me very long to determine the purpose, the content, and the name of my blog. I knew I just wanted to share myself and my life more with people, I knew the posts were going to be about anything & everything, so why not play around with my name, for the title. Yes, I know my name is not Peas & Carrots; however, my name is Jennie and growing up (especially from my oldest brother) friends would say all sorts of Forrest Gump movie quotes to me. And I love it, still to this day! To me, Forrest Gump never gets old. The quotes never get old and I never tire of people using my name in ways from the movie or saying it the way Forrest Gump always said her name, “Jenny”. My oldest brother, Jarrod, would always say to me, (in his best Tom Hanks/Forrest Gump accent) “Me and Jennie go together like Peas & Carrots”. It would always make me smile and laugh and so begins the thought process behind the name of my blog. Side note – I know people might see it and think I’m writing a food blog, but no, that ain’t it! I chose “Peas & Carrots” because of my name, and how my brother could always make me smile by saying that and I want to live and smile through this blog, the title is lighthearted and fun; it’s whimsical and playful. It’s unique and creative. It’s thoughtful. It’s a reflection of me and what I intend for the visitor to my site to see. Also, when you think of peas & carrots, the meaning is two things that go well together, that fit together, and there’s love. All kinds of love. And love is what my heart and soul is comprised of and that which I want to share with others, through my writing, through my blog, through my faith.

There is bravery and courage in being vulnerable. And that is a beautiful thing. Thank you for being with me so far, and I hope you’ll continue with me throughout this journey!

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  1. I love the Peas & Carrots quote! Victoria and I still say that to each other to this day. We’re like you and your brother we love that movie.

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