Father’s Day

Once again, I’m quite a few days late of Father’s Day, but that is no reason to not take a moment and still recognize all of our fathers. Their recognition should never be reserved for one day out of the year but remembered and honored always.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! I hope you continue fighting for your family, providing, protecting, staying strong, motivated, yet humble and always setting a good example in every area of life. I pray for continual peace and comfort over those fathers who have lost children, who may be experiencing difficult circumstances and don’t always see their children, and for those reading this who have lost a father or maybe never had that father-figure in their life. Let’s honor those men who may not be a biological father or may be a foster parent and in a parental state, carrying out the fatherly role for someone who is missing that piece of their life.

Now, a very Happy Father’s Day, especially, to both my older brothers who were celebrated as fathers for the first time this year. Thank you for making me an Aunt to both a nephew & a niece. Just like any siblings, Jarrod, Justin, and myself had our moments growing up of fighting, arguing, laughing at each other, attempting to get the other one in trouble… but we all three also had those moments of climbing trees together, finding bugs under rocks, building forts, making memories during summer road trips and for me it was special having two older brothers who watched over you at times, who stood up to the kid at school that was pestering their little sister, who would occasionally hold your hand while out and actually act nice toward their baby sister. Thankfully, having parents who instilled the importance of family, staying together and close all throughout life no matter what so that we would always have each other to lean on, to pray for, to encourage, the three of us are still there for one another at the end of the day. I love these two guys. Our shared love for Christ, our shared love for family and our shared love for each other binds us together. Of course the moment I learned that they were going to be fathers – I cried!! The emotions were coming from a place of excitement and anticipation of this new stage in their life and to see them step into fatherhood. And that heartfelt joy to see two people you love be given this gift and now to see it unfold in person is amazing. So, Happy Father’s Day Justin & Jarrod! You’re going to be great dads, I already know it! You are married to godly women who love you, who love these babes and will be by your side in raising these children to love Christ! Be there for one another, support each other in your roles as a mother & father, husband & wife, and always center your decisions around the Lord, remembering that He is the one who has gifted you with these souls to care for, love, protect, discipline, and lead by example of God’s love so that they may come to know Christ as their personal savior and personally experience His love for them and have full faith in God for their lives and future. Plus you have me to help out too 😉 WIN-WIN!

But most of all, none of this would be possible without the patriarch of the Ryhal clan! Randy Ryhal! Happy Father’s Day Dad! 2019 is your 35th year celebrating being a dad – wow. My Dad has never been and will never be one to speak about himself, even in a humble manner, so I am going to take a second to talk about him because he deserves it. My Dad loves everything aviation and amazes me with his knowledge of planes, he loves his ham radios, he’s a world traveler, he’s the most organized man I know, he’s the one who I can thank for my beautiful curly hair and for the quirky, slight forward bend of the tippy top of my left ear, he’s patient, he exudes godly service without complaint, and is the greatest example of a father acting in the image of our Heavenly Father, that I know. Kit Kat bars & Dr. Pepper are his favorites. Thanks Dad for hand-building an awesome swing and slide set in our backyard when we were younger, and for teaching me how to cook the best batch of oatmeal-your specialty 🙂 Thank you for your discipline, correction and wisdom as your sons and daughter grew up and navigated life; for your unconditional love, for the sacrifices you made and providing the best for us. Thank you for being there for me in the moments I fell short and when I felt like the most unworthy, sinful person on this earth – for your lovingkindness, sweet words of advice and truth, and again, your unconditional love in that moment. I’ve learned and realized more, as I get older, that you and I are very similar. We both love and appreciate the simple things in life. We both have such big hearts full of love, with quiet souls that dwell within us. My contentment is a trait I’ve learned from you; we both have our quiet moments where we are perfectly fine sitting alone or with people around us and just being still and savoring the moment without talking. You’ve taught me how to organize and prioritize things in my life and to be financially smart and a good steward of my money (and you still help me with this lol). You’re there for me when my car breaks down, to give advice, to talk me through what to do when I’m emotional and/or frustrated or to pick me up or take me to the auto shop. Thank you for your prayers over me. Thank you for the goofy, joking side of life that we share in. Your moments of silence speaks volumes and shows me that humility goes a long way. When I am still in this season of being single and don’t have a man to help me in certain things, thank you for being there in that void – for example, when I need help fixing something in my apartment, when I wanted to go car shopping yet I didn’t want to go alone and you went without hesitation, for making phone calls and standing up for me when I am being taken advantage of and people try to pull the wool over my eyes simply because I’m a woman. Ultimately I am happy to celebrate you as my Dad because of Christ’s love and the example of our Heavenly Father that you have set for me, Jarrod & Justin. You show His love, His servant’s heart, His fatherly correction and uplifting arms and so much more! I am forever grateful to you for this. You’ve been a great example for my brothers as they love and follow God in their own lives. You’ve set a high standard for the man that I choose to love and live life out with, hopefully one day. You’ve shown me a lot of things that I need to look for in a man, the kind of man I want to have be the father to the children I have with someone one day, Lord willing. And whoah! you get to be a grandfather now!! Congrats! The same happiness I have seeing Jarrod & Justin as dads, is the same happiness and thrilling moments I get to see and experience as you hold and spoil your granddaughter and grandson. You’re the cutest granddad – so hands on, so willing to be there for them just like you are for me and my brothers still, prepared to build lego sets, ready to babysit, and ready to be exhausted at the end of the day when your energy runs out but only because you have so much L O V E to give at any given moment. I remember the moment we learned Justin & Jessica were having a boy, you were excited, specifically, that the Ryhal name would still be going on after Jarrod & Justin – because we know I can’t help in that department. I love being a Ryhal and am proud to be your daughter, but I do hope to take someone else’s name one day and even more excited to see you hold my child. I pray for that day, I pray that you get to hold my little one, one day if that’s God’s will. In the meantime….

…thanks Dad, I love you! Happy Father’s Day!

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