This is Me. III

I think it would be fun, every once in a while, to give you some random facts about myself 🙂 I don’t ever want to be content in a life with no change, no growth, and one without continuous learning. SO there will always be something to share… new interests, old facts, quirky habits, hobbies… just an enjoyable break from the normal blog posts. ~quick, short, & sweet~

Part 3 of me! Here we go!

  1. Currently working on a design for my next tattoo that I hope to have before 2019 is over!! I’m STOKED! … but I’m going to keep it a surprise and only a select few will know what it’s going to be! Unlike my first tattoo, which is visible at all times (unless I’m wearing long sleeves), this one isn’t always going to be visible, but when it is, everyone will notice… SO EXCITED!!
  2. I love to read. I’ll read just about anything, except for romance novels or a book that’s a straight up love story… gag. Unless you can convince me it’s really really good, I’ll probably avoid it. Being a hopeful person and someone that loves love and romance, I just can’t read about it… books of this sort have never kept my interest, oddly enough.
  3. Continuing on #2 above, I love to read from and hold an actual, real, tangible book! None of this kindle, amazon, e-book crap. It’s just not for me. I like to hold the real thing, the smell of a new book, seeing the pages turn for the first time and each time after, using bookmarks, going back to a good book time after time and seeing how much it’s been opened and read from, the crinkle of pages, the aged color of the paper, and maybe even notes written and left from a past time. With technology ever-increasing around us, I want to treasure books as they are and have always been. I want to have bookshelves in every home I live in filled with all kinds of books! It makes me smile to see a full bookshelf with an array of knowledge, wisdom, adventures, history, politics, poetry, classic tales, & yes, even love!
  4. I collect bookmarks. I have a box of bookmarks that have been gifted to me, that I have purchased, and have been passed onto me from family members who shared in a love for books & reading. Most are unique and hold special memories.
  5. I have a monogram embosser for every book I own. Somewhere, on the first few pages, you will find “JRL” embossed on all of my books.
  6. I used to play the piano. Sadly though, when I started college, I fell away from it and haven’t played one since; I would love to someday pick it up again. I’d definitely be rusty but I would hope muscle memory and practice would give me an extra boost in playing again!
  7. Someday I hope to visit Ireland and/or Scotland. Greece would be nice too 🙂
  8. I love being a blogger!
  9. I have a healthy obsession with the gym.
  10. I have the GREATEST circle of close close, and I MEAN CLOSE, girlfriends that I love and trust fully. We are all there for each other through everything and these ladies are forever a part of my life, no matter where we’re at, what we’re going through, or where we live. They are the friends who know everything about me, love me at the end of the day, will listen to me on repeat, give me advice no matter how hard it is, pray for me, encourage me, laugh with me and grow with me; they are the BEST-FRIENDS-FOR-LIFE-kinda girlfriends 🙂
  11. While I rarely drink soda, my fave is Dr. Pepper
  12. My childhood nickname that Pappy (that’s what I called my grandfather) called me by was, “Picklehead”… because I loved pickles and still do. Only dill pickles tho! None of the sweet, or bread & butter pickles.
  13. I am learning how resilient I am. That I have more strength than I realize. That no matter what has happened in my life, I still stand, I still find hope, I still love; and that love and hope only grows deeper and stronger with each passing day. Because of Christ in my life. He is the foundation for my love, for my hope, of my strength. I cry, a lot sometimes, I laugh even more, I love even harder, and I have endless hope! I feel! I feel everything and that makes life beautiful. God has gifted me with such passionate emotions and feelings to learn and grow from and to use in a healthy, positive, encouraging way! This topic I plan to write a post on, but for now, for someone that used to think her hopefulness was childish and stupid at times, that her tendency to cry and feel things so deeply and to be sympathetic & empathetic was embarrassing and was something to hide.. I know longer think this! I embrace who I am, every part, every feeling, every emotion, every passion! Unapologetically! It’s who I am! It’s who God created me to be. I am so thankful that I feel everything as much as I do because, while it may be painful and hurtful at times, it only strengthens me and points me to Christ and love him even more. He sees it all as good! He created me unique, and I believe and know now that my emotions and passions can be an example for others, to show love, to encourage and to serve others! There is nothing for me to hide and be ashamed of.

That’s it for today!


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